Hugh Grant says he improvised famous Bridget Jones’ ‘enormous panties’ scene

Hugh Grant has revealed his impressive improvisation skills honed during his turn in 2001’s Bridget Jones’ Diary.

The 57-year-old confessed the flick featured many off the cuff moments from the actor – including the famous part where his character Daniel Cleaver spotted Bridget’s knickers during an evening of passion.

In the scene, the two are getting hot and heavy following a date, before Daniel discovered the ‘absolutely enormous panties’ Bridget had donned to mimic Spanx (that hadn’t come along at that stage…), exclaiming ‘Hello mummy’ as Bridget tried to keep her cool.

Hugh Grant enormous panties scene

In a recent conversation on the BAFTA: A Life In Pictures podcast, Hugh revealed that line wasn’t in the script.

He said: ‘That last bit with the pants and “Hello Mummy”, all that was just me messing around. And Bridget Jones 2, massively, I think I wrote my whole part.’

However, Hugh didn’t feature in the most recent sequel Bridget Jones’ Baby, claiming it was as he didn’t see how his character would fit in. Either that, or he didn’t have time to write his part…

He said: ‘We went back and forth and in the end I said “I don’t see how it fits in” and they quite rightly rejigged it and it was much better.’

During the podcast he also revealed the somewhat frightening experience of filming Four Weddings and a Funeral – his breakout role from 1994, that saw the English actor catapulted to heart throb status. Hugh confessed that seeing the rom-com become the highest-grossing British film in cinema history was a ‘total surprise’ after the whole cast and crew failed to envision it being successful.

He said: ‘Four Weddings was shot in 36 days in a blind panic with the director (Mike Newell) hurling tea cups at the walk, saying ‘I can’t f****ing do it!’



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